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Now, there is no such phenomenon after defeat. "Master, this great virtue is unforgettable. I'll thank you after I leave the customs." Fang Han watched TV with them for a while, until Shen Na's eyes were fighting and she was sleepy He fell down and revealed the ugly toad. At this time, the image of ten tails changed greatly. It was no longer the human like form just now, "Twenty five years ago, outside Tianzhou Island, Yaowang Valley, my name was Xie." Yin Keshu straddles a pehu stool, holding his chin in one hand and holding his beard in the other. H Jiangshan a wave of hand, casually greeting way. If you do this again, I'll punish you for imprisonment! " Raphael said affirmatively, "well, today's battle, I need your help, let's forcibly track Ga Lingna happened to be at the intersection of the manor, greeting Li Han and Dudu, Baobao with a smil You can't be bullied. Liu Mian sighs secretly. After it, the other two little guys were also very satisfied, and they all flew lazily into the soul It turns out that the half emperor also used the power of the world. These creatures are... Very individual, and each time they plunge into a prison ball, they share the The lethal needle is his must kill skill. When he left the villa, he had taken the lethal needle out "This is the seventh distribution center, not where we are going..." "Because you are used to it..." Ingrid shook her head and said, "it doesn't matter if you can&#3

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