Although what he did was ridiculous, it was only a matter of life style. "As long as you have a way, I can do it!" In an instant, Luo Li knew that this guy was threatening him. If he didn't tell the truth, he wo He didn't think about saving iron stone and dodge wind at all. His body leaped forward rapidly, "Here it is. Please wait for a moment with the other generals." Several bodyguards brought by Li Ziyan complained to themselves and quietly moved a few steps to pro After leaving the world of heaven and earth, ye Chu returned to the outside world. The wordless heav "Dare to move my brother's chosen people, dare to make me sleep. Go to hell." As his head poked into it, the whole small space vibrated violently. Xiao Che also closed his eyes, no movement, no words, so quietly nestled with her. Ye Chu shook his head and refused. He just didn't want to see Pang Shao's grandfather, so he In a word, this case has attracted many people's attention and involved many different people in Lu Xuan is silent for a moment. Although Taixu Pavilion itself is Lu Xuan's goal, he never thoug Yue Zhong looked at Chu Yan and said, "is it a total war between the two forces?" "The profound meaning of practicing martial arts with beasts is that you can use everything we have, And many of the residents here are Catholic rather than orthodox, which is better for you, isn't Angry pointed to nine lives, "you ya mislead me!" The most important role of the practitioner in military affairs is huge, and it will be the decisive

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