The corner of Fang Zhenghao's mouth twitches. When is it? He dares to call the mulberry and curs "All right, all of us are our own people. Don't be hostile. Now let's continue to see what&# When the maid saw Yang Yi turning the holy book into Xuanyuan sword, she actually said the name of t The thin old man snorted coldly, looked at the group of brainless people, and continued. Shi Lei is still in memory, casually said: "know the phone, I know!" Lu Jing said, "Dong Bing, I suddenly thought of you two days ago." When they were attacked by the demons, they did not know when they were attacked by Daoists. If the opponent kills a third level God envoy by skipping the level, the reward will be a terrible n Gu Ming is a good commander of the garrison regiment, and Zhou Rong is more like an instructor. He just reminds the other person what to do. Although it is said that Duan Zihao left the plan to Hong Jinbao to take charge of the project, for Purple Chen cold hum a way: "solve them is false, want inner Dan is true?" Oriental dream also thought for a while and said. "Old man, you are not sure whether your opponent is dead. If you leave like this, don't you unde This blood demon king is really cautious. He doesn't have the idea of trial at all. Kill the night really Zun, Luo Li long breath! The king sighed, "well, it's my fault! I really don't know what's going on outside. You& Truman called out in great displeasure. The two men stopped arguing. They looked at each other, snor

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