I think I still cherish my life now... Cherish this dream. Jing Tian finished saying and started: "follow me." Tang Yu was a little anxious. The only way now was to leave here and return to the God's house o Don't you want your ancestors to be disrespectful? It's impossible. However, Tang Yu naturally did not have the heart to think about these things carefully. What he tho When Hongyue saw Matsumoto's rush, she immediately turned and ran backward. The NPC of our guild I'll write a chapter about two thousand PS at night. At this time, Fang Zijun suddenly heard a loud noise. He looked back and was shocked. Unexpectedly, However, what Qin Lang captured this time was not the dragon, but the sword in the hand of the Drago There was a commotion on the cloud platform of Zixiao sword sect. He hit his forehead hard, but the pain didn't make him feel better. All blame you! "Elder martial brother Luo, are Buchang Xuan and Mazhi killed in danger..." Chen Lingdan, along with the other side, had to swallow the liquid, and then she swallowed it. "Xin Gang, that man saved our lives after all." Today, a large number of soldiers have been stationed in the Academy of Sciences. This battlefield has a very wide range. Even if Li Hao expanded the scope of half field as much as p "The final test has begun. Only 12 people can enter the bloody palace and fight for the final inheri Tang Yu nodded, but Tang Yu underestimated master Wanshan's strength. Unexpectedly, Tang Yu'

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